Modular Industrial PC

We are manufacturers of the industrial workstations for OEM and PC software based CNC controls like MACH 3 and EMC. We can custom configure these systems to meet your requirements with a variety of included blocks and functionality. Every workstation can be combined with industrial display and keyboard

MACH 3 based CNC systems

By using of our Modular Industrial PC and well known MACH 3 CNC software, you can make reliable and comfortable control system for all types of CNc machines.

CNC parts

We offer complete kits and standalone parts that allow you to build your own CNC  machine or retrofit old one. Our optical and magnetic linear scales, rotary encoders, servo and step motors and drivers can be combined with other products to meet your requirements

Digital Readout

We offer DRO+Scale kits and standalone parts that allow you to convert your mill or lathe to highly accurate machine. Every DRO block has unique function, which control position and stop mechanisms with relay outputs or +-10V analogue signal

Custom industrial keyboards

We are the manufacturers of membrane microbutton industrial keyboards, which are suitable for  rack mount, panel mount and desktop.All versions can be used in DIY CNC controls, factories, control rooms, machine control and medical applications

Resolver / Selsyn / Inductosyn signal converter

The converter can be connected  to inductive resolver, selsyn or inductosyn, and produces the signals similar to quadrature encoders. Each converter can be equipped with digital RS232 interface or +-10V analogue output for speed measuring