MACH 3 based CNC Systems – “PRO Line”

PRO Line - MACH 3 based CNC Systems

Professional CNC systems based on the Industrial PC, Industrial monitor with waterproof keyboard, CNC controller and the MACH3 software.

Differs from CNC systems “uCNC-BASE Line” in existence of the industrial keyboard with IP54 protection and the On \ Off panel with an alarm button. The monitor, the keyboard and the On \ Off panel are combined in the separate block.

CNC kit includes:

Main advantages of CNC systems “uCNC-PRO Line” (MACH 3 CNC)

  • Industrial PC with HDD steady against vibrations and dust
  • Motherboard with ultralow power consumption and thermal emission
  • 10.1 inch TFT industrial monitor with IP54 protection of the front panel
  • Waterproof keyboard with regulators of spindle speed and feed. The arrangement of buttons is adapted for control of the CNC machine
  • Low cost
  • Easy to add necessary modules without alteration of the case
  • Convenience of service

Stepper motor, stepper motor driver, servo motor, rotary encoder, linear encoder, etc. can be added to the CNC kit

CNC systems consist of standard components which are made by our company.

On demand we can develop and make non-standard modules for your tasks.

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  • Control of any machines, robots and mechanisms according to the set program
  • Work in WINDOWS and resolution of applied tasks


  • Motor type – stepper motor, servo motor
  • Driver control type- STEP/DIR. STEP+, STEP-, Analog + – 10B – an option
  • Quantity of axes – to 8. To 64 – an option.
  • Quantity of IO signals – to 8. Up to 896 signals – an option
  • Inputs – Opto
  • Outputs – Relay (the maximum load 220B, 2A)
  • Quantity of outputs – 1. It is expanded by the PLC controller module up to 896 signals
  • Operating system – WINDOWS or LINUX (not for MACH)
  • It is adopted for work with the MACH3 software
  • Modular design Industrial PC chassis

Industrial PC Workstation

  • CPU 1.8GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • HDD FLASH Module 2-4GB

Industrial monitor

  • 10.1” TFT  with LED
  • 1200х760 resolution
  • The monitor case is made with 1mm metal painted with powder paint
  • The front panel with acrylic screen protection
  • A decorative slip from ABS plastic

Waterproof Industrial keyboard

  • Regulators of spindle speed and feed
  • IP54 Protection of the front panel
  • PS/2 interface