About us

Everything that is fated to occur, surely will occur.

Every business, as we know, begins with aspirations and ideas. Business began in 1996. The group of experts in several areas of equipment stood at the origins of our firm: specialist in CNC systems, programmer, electronics engineer and mathematician. As it appeared further that has to turn out as a result approximately only the specialist in CNC knew, others were just interested in participating in the process. So far it did not bring money at all, and it was not known when begins, all worked in their free time only at altruism. Personally I was a programmer. The idea was to create a cheap replacement of existing CNC system which allowed “to recover” the faulty machine and carrying out, at least, that the old system did. At the beginning that we did not know such CNC at all, and carried out only specific objectives, I wrote the interface, the mathematician did algorithms of movements calculation.  I saw the real machine only in 3-4 months since the beginning of work, and was first not really inspired by the seen: huge (as then it seemed to me) 6R13F3 mill, all in oil, in dirty workshop – for the student not dream of all life, but did not give up work. Then in process the second programmer was connected, it helped with the interface. The idea was to use part of the existing CNC system N33 not to do electronics. Operated the machine through port of the printer. From the moment of the beginning and before the first movement of the machine passed about half a year. During this time there was a lot of abuse, alterations almost from the very beginning, completions, etc. but as a result the machine cut out the first detail. It was a hard victory, and to be honest only specialist in CNC and I still had aspirations. But the machine after all moved though what to do farther on it nobody knew. There were a lot of problems: both lack of financing, and the wrong problem definition, and disagreement in collective. There were three, one programmer left and he was succeeded by the electronics engineer. After all the controller had to be done, but this tasks were charged to the Kharkov firm (quite famous). And here the first commercial project came: we were given on modernization the milling Italian processing center with CNC in Nikopol. Software was at that time written under Windows OS (about what personally I regretted very much  since I have found to itself a lot of headache). Has to note – the machine still works quite normally.

Then there were 2 more machines on software under Win, again Nikopol, the big pipe-threading KRI-DAN complex. After that project we understood that we cannot find common language with producers of the controller and decided to do the electronics. Half a year more and the first, the controller entangled by wires, “rose in a system”. By then both forces increased, and experience, and, the main thing, became clear that such CNC is. Has to notice that release of the first copy of the controller, so to speak a prototype, fell almost on time of delivery of the machine in which this prototype played a crucial role. With trembling hands the first launch was made, the day of removal small malfunctions and the machine recovered. Such controller still works in Nikopol.  And everything went by itself. Then there were completions, various modifications of controllers, a constant correction of a software, but the main core and idea of system and remained. Completions of controllers practically came to the end about 5 years ago, to minor change is subject only software, solving non-standard problems.

But then we faced with another problem – modest appearance. Having the good software and electronics, we used ordinary computers, monitors and keyboards. Also all controllers were mounted in usual assembly boxes or in the case of the computer. It was very inconvenient because every time it was necessary to make a new assembly panels, to drill holes, to lay conducting. As a result the decision to develop the universal case which would allow to serve and repair the controllers easily, to add new blocks and had the standard size. The modular case was the only possible solution.

Development of professional appearance is a difficult task. It was necessary to make inexpensive alternative to industrial computers, with the maximum universality and possibility of completion. We developed the analog of the industrial keyboard, but taking into account features of control of CNC machines. Existence of regulators of a spindle speed and feed was an obligatory condition. Also the keyboard has to have the standard PS/2 or USB interface, have possibility of connection of a portable handheld pendant, manual inpulse  generator and to have an ergonomic arrangement of buttons. The arrangement of the CNC SIEMENS 804 buttons was assumed as a basis. Additional modules which did control of the machine to more comfortable were developed.

The last stage was the development of a monitor. We used the different TFT models of panels, but came to a conclusion that the optimum size – 10.1 inch. At the request of the client it is possible to make also the monitor of the bigger size.

As a result the excellent product turned out: an industrial computer, with a protected monitor, the waterproof and dustproof  keyboard, with a system unit and replaceable modules for installation of additional controllers.

Then we thought: “Perhaps, somebody will want to use this workstation for the other tasks?”. And then we changed controllers a little and established FLASH HDD of the bigger size. It gave the chance of installation WINDOWS on the computer and considerably expanded a scope. Now the client can establish any software which will work with external controllers through LPT, COM and USB ports. It can be, for example, the MACH3 / 4 software, or EMC2 or a product of own development. Opportunities are unlimited.

To tell that our CNC is better or worse than the others? Let everyone judge independently. Requests are different for everyone: someone needs work and thus there is no enough finances to buy SIEMENS and HEIDENHAIN, and someone needs certificates, standards, etc. The first group usually includes private small firms, the second – plants. We made different projects, beginning from CNC for 1000$, and finishing 10000$ – the result is identical – the machine works, details are issued, the profit goes.

We appreciate people who bring something to this world and are ready to help them with pleasure. It is a driving force of progress. Do  you have an idea, but you do not know how to realize it? Your enthusiasm and our 17 years experience will solve any problem.


As for our other production, the digital readout device “was born” in June, 2008, and 3-D scanner in November. In passing there were different small projects: inductosyn signal converters, motion controller, various control and automation units. Each of devices was developed proceeding from real requirements and tasks which we faced in the course of work and each our project lives and works. Sale of drives, sensors, etc. is a passing source of the income, but we derive a sheer pleasure from development and in it our force. To tell honestly, each person in firm is a fanatic. Naturally, now it is already more than two of us, but we do not have those who only carries coffee. Each product has lifelong free technical support which is provided by developers. Every person is an expert. The main thing is that we surely want to work, not just go to work. This is the main difference from the plants and large corporations. We work at night if we do not manage to make something, we have few days off and holidays. Each project is a part of soul of everyone who took part in it. We have no concept “it is laziness to me” or “I don’t want”. In the course of work we face many people and firms, but, unfortunately, the majority of them have no aspiration, and without it the idea was not as good, there will not be any sense . But those who really wants to achieve – surely achieve something:—–it is checked for ourselves.