Multilingual free MACH3 CNC screenset

We've started an unprecedented project!

The task is to make international free screenset for MACH 3 CNC. Now everyone who wants to receive the version of our screenset on his own language can translate english names of the buttons, modes etc. and fill attached table. Then we correct our bitmaps and you will receive the screenset with your translations for free.

We make Excel table with english names. Fill this table and send it to us. Also, your name will be put on description page (if you desire).

Please note! Due to this project is free for all customers, your translated screenset will be available for downloading for everyone.

If you want to be a part of this project, email to us because maybe someone else has already done this work on your language. After finishing we will make separated online pages for downloading.

Available translated versions:

Download link: Conversion table (1027 downloads)