AC Servo motor

Product code: “uSMA-xx”

It is applied for moving mechanisms. It has a number of advantages over stepper motors.

Main advantages:

  • High speed of rotation
  • The constant moment in all range of speeds
  • High precision
  • Control of the current position of a shaft

Table of available models of the AC servo motors. link

The main shortcoming is high cost. These problems didn’t have stepper motors. link

Our Motor Controller “uDR – 1300S” link or CNC Systems “uCNC” link can be applied for rotation of the AC servo motor with the set speed.

Use AC Servo motor drivers to control of servo motors. link


  • Rotation frequency: up to 3000rpm
  • The built-in encoder on a shaft 2500 imp/rot
  • The holding moment ___ – ____
  • Power: ____-_____
  • MAX current: ____ – _____
  • Standard sizes: ___ ____ ____ ____