Custom optical incremental encoder

Product code: “uRO-xx”

It is applied for measurement of angular movements of mechanisms.

Main advantages:

  • Any sizes of a flange and shaft
  • High precision: 100-2500 ipr.
  • Noise protection: TTL or RS422
  • Power: 5-15V
  • Aluminum case

The main advantage of rotary encoder “uRO-xx” is that we are ready to make a special encoder under your tasks. Send us your drawings in AutoCAD or CorelDraw format, and we will make for you an encoder with the necessary parameters.

For display of information of the current tool position we offer the Digital readout device  “uDR – 1300D”. link

Stepper motors are often applied for movement of mechanisms.



  • Resolution: 100 … 2500 ipr
  • Type of an output signal: TTL or RS422
  • Case material: aluminum
  • Power: 5-30V
  • Socket: Cable or Military type connector
  • Sizes of a flange and output shaft by request.