Collector DC servo motor driver

DC motor diver

Product code: “uSMDD-xx”

It is intended for reception of STEP/DIR or + – 10V signals  from the external controller and control of collector DC servo motor.


  • Motor Voltage: 24 – 400 V
  • Motor Current: 6 – 100 A
  • Reception of STEP/DIR signals
  • Reception of analog  signal + – 10V
  • Reception of discrete signals “forward”, “back”, “stop”, etc.
  • Feedback on speed: tacho generator or encoder
  • Control of servo motors

DC servo motor drivers “uSMDD-xx” are intended to work with all types of collector motors:

  • DC Motors  with permanent magnets
  • DC Motors with independent field
  • DC Motors with two-zonal regulation of speed

Now you don’t have to change your DC motors, and can connect our drivers to them .

Table of available uSMDD-xx Drivers.


  • Power of the connected motor: ___-____
  • Supply voltage: 110-380 V, 1 Phase, 3 Phases


Motor Controller “uDR – 1300S”