Stepper motor driver

stepper motor driver

Product code: “uSTMD-xx”

It is intended for reception of STEP/DIR signals  from the external controller and control of stepper motors.


  • Reception of STEP/DIR signals
  • Control of stepper motors

The driver accepts signals from the external controller. It can be CNC controller module “uIPC-1300L”  or the Motor Controller  “uDR – 1300S” .

All shortcomings of stepper motors servo motors are deprived.

Some Stepper motor drivers can be assembled in the Stepper motor driver module “uIPC-1300DS”  and be integrated in our Industrial PC “uIPC-1300” .


  • Maximum current 2.5 – 7.5 A
  • The maximum supply voltage – 36V
  • Microstep 1, 2, 4, 16


Stepper motor driver module “uIPC-1300DS”