Stepper motor


It is intended  for movement of mechanisms. Possess a number of advantages in comparison with servo  motors.

Main advantages of the stepper motor:

  • Fixed angle of rotation
  • Does not demand a position  sensor of a shaft
  • Easy in control
  • Low cost

Table of available models.

The main disadvantege  is absence of information about the current position of the shaft. These problems don’t have servo motors.

Our Motor Control module “uDR – 1300S”  or CNC Systems “uCNC”  can be applied for rotation of the stepper motor with the set speed.

Use Stepper motor drivers “uSTMD-xx” to control of stepper motors.


  • Step angle: 0.9 or 1.8 degrees
  • Holding torque ___ – ____
  • Max current: ____ – _____
  • Standard sizes: ___ ____ ____ ____
  • Type with a one-side and two-side shaft