Custom panels

We can make any type of front panel on your request.

We offer production of custom panels for your devices. The basis for the front panel can be:

  • ABS polystyrene
  • PFH 0.2-0.4mm
  • Composite panels
  • Metal
  • Vinyl film

From above on a base material we glue a vinyl film with the full-color image which is printed out in the digital way. The film can be cut out on the high-precision plotter. Windows for indicators and LEDs can be also cut out  in a film  .

We use the digital print method. This technology has a number of advantages in comparison with the silk type print method:

  • Full-color press. To 64k colors
  • There is no preparation for production
  • Resolution up to 720p
  • Total amount  is from 1 pieces.

Front panels for keyboards are exposed for mechanical influence, and for ensuring durability of the front panel we glue a special transparent protective film. Front panels for keyboards have thickness 0.2-0.5mm that gives the ability to press microbuttons, which are arranged under the front panel.

We take orders in CorelDraw format.

We use custom panels during the developing and production of electronic devices.