Digital Readout device of measurement and motor control

Digital Readout device of measurement and motor control

Product code: “uDR – 1300D”

It is designed for displaying information about the current position of the tool or parts of machines or other equipment (similar to digital readout systems like HEIDENHAIN, etc. but with additional functions).


  • Measurement of linear and angular movements
  • Indication of the current coordinates
  • Editing and reset of the current coordinates
  • Control of output relay signals at achievement of the set point. “uDR-1300DR”

Each Digital Readout can be equipped with optical linear encoder,  magnetic linear encoder or rotary  encoder.

At the request of the client we are ready to change a firmware of controllers and to develop additional blocks for the solution of non-standard tasks.

For more difficult control systems we offer the Motor Controller device “uDR – 1300S”


  • Sensors: optical linear scale, magnetic linear scale, rotary encoder, resolver, selsyn, inductosyn.
  • Modifications on 1, 2, 3, 4 and more coordinates.
  • Display of 7 digits + sign
  • Setting of coordinates
  • Reset coordinates
  • Absolute / Relative system
  • Radius measurement mode (1/2)
  • GoToRef mode and the coorinates restore
  • Addition of discrete signals for positioning and automatic reduction of speed. “uDR-1300DR”
  • An option of servo drive control and the organizations of smooth movements
  • Power 220B 50Hz
  • Panel mount design


  • An arm and bracket  according to the customer drawings
  • RS-232 port for communication with the personal computer
  • Relay positioning module “uDR-1300DR”
  • Panel mount , rack mount or desktop mount