MACH 3 based CNC systems

MACH 3 based CNC systems

CNC Systems  for control of any equipment with CNC:

  • milling machines
  • lathes
  • erosive machines
  • woodworking machines
  • processing centers
  • industrial robots

CNC systems “uCNC” consist of the industrial PC and MACH3 software

Advantages in comparison with usual using of MACH3 software:

  • Industrial metal case
  • 10.1 inch TFT display with IP54 protection
  • waterproof  keyboard with spindle speed and feed regulators
  • drivers control type –  STEP/DIR. + – 10B
  • connection to rotary encoder, linear encoder,  resolver, selsyn, inductosyn
  • up to 896 I\O signals
  • stepper motor driver module
  • additional modules

You can select desirable CNC kit:

  • uCNC – ECO Line
  • uCNC – BASE Line
  • uCNC – PRO Line

By your inquiry the CNC kit can contain additional modules.

Stepper motor, stepper motor driver, servo motor, rotary encoder, linear encoder, etc. can be added to the CNC kit

At the client request we are ready to change a firmware of controllers and to develop additional modules for resolving of non-standard tasks.

The most inexpensive of CNC systems is  “uCNC – ECO Line”


  • Motor type – stepper motor, servo motor
  • Driver control type- STEP/DIR. STEP+, STEP-, Analog + – 10V – an option
  • Quantity of axes – up to 8. Up n\to 64 – an option.
  • Quantity of IO signals – up to 8. Up to 896 signals – an option
  • Inputs – Opto
  • Outputs – Relay (maximum load 220B, 2A)
  • Operating system – WINDOWS or LINUX (not for MACH)
  • Monitor – Industrial monitor,  10.1 – 15 inch, IP54 protection
  • Keyboard – Industrial waterproof keyboard with spindle speed and feed regulators, IP54 protection
  • Modular design main unit