CNC controller module

CNC controller module

Product code: “uIPC-1300L”

It is intended for  galvanic isolation of the LPT port from external signals. It is applied to control the hobby CNC machines with MACH3 software.


  • Galvanic outcome of I\O signals of LPT port
  • Control of On/Off of a spindle via the relay
  • Spindle rotation speed control(+ – 10B, 0. .10B) – an option

For control of a hobby CNC machine the printer port (LPT port) is recommended to be connected to the Industrial PC “uIPC-1300B” stepper motors drivers through a galvanic outcome PCB. It will protect port from voltage spikes and hindrances.

Each module can be delivered with stepper motor, stepper motor driver, servo motor, etc.

For control of drives with analog input + – 10B and digitization of position sensor the Motor controller module “uIPC-1300MC” is used. 


  • Quantity of Outputs 8+4
  • Quantity of Inputs 5
  • Power Output -1. Relay 220B 1A.
  • Analog control board of the spindle rotation speed. (Option).


Analog control board of the spindle rotation speed. Output + – 10V “uIPC-1300L-AB” or 0… 10V “uIPC-1300L-AU”.