Empty module of the industrial PC

Product code: “uIPC-1300C”

If you are a developer or want to install the non-standard module in the chassis of the Industrial PC we can offer you the Empty module “uIPC-1300C”. It is simply assembly of the front and montage panels with sizes of the standard module. The front and montage panels is made of a composite Aluminium – Polymer – Aluminium and very easily can be machined.

On demand we can cut out on CNC necessary holes for installation of sockets, indicators and PCBs in the front and montage panels. Send us your drawings in  CorelDraw or AutoCAD format and we will make it for you.

It is also possible to make stickers on the front panel on your design.

For expansion of opportunities of the Industrial PC “uIPC-1300” we can offer the Industrial monitor “uIPC-1300M”.