Waterproof keyboard for MACH3 / MACH4

Product code: uIPC-1300KB.MACH.1024

This waterproof and dustproof keyboard is preprogrammed for using with stadard screenset for MACH3. (1024.set) 

Also it can be freely used with MACH4, LinuxCNC, UCCNC, KMotion, PlaneCNC and any other CNC control. Upper line of keys is configured to execute the most frequently used commands like (Pause feed, Start feed, MDI mode etc). Pressing one of these keys will send keys combination to PC (e.g. Alt+S). These combinations can be reprogrammed by user (only in advanced version). 

There are 3 versions of the keyboard:

  • ECO

ECO Version

Supplied in disassembled state and intended for assembling by user.

The kit contains:

  • programmed PCBA with PS/2 cable
  • Front panel 
  • Front panel overlay with labels
  • screws set

STANDARD version

Fully assembled version, ready to use. Additionally to ECO version it has ABS frame and back cover for additional protection

ADVANCED version

In comparison to STANDARD version it has:

  • possibility to change keys combinations of the upper line and encoders by user
  • included cable for programming
  • included PS/2 to USB converter


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