Motor controller module

Motor controller module

Product code: “uIPC-1300MC”

Designed for digitization of position sensor signals and control of analog drivers with +-10V signal.


  • Reception up to 4 channels of the STEP/DIR signals
  • Digitization up to 4 position sensor signals
  • Control up to 4 drivers + – 10B.
  • Control of the maximum unbalance error and output of the alarm signal

If the quantity of the operated axes is more than module allows to connect, you can install the next  module. In total it is possible to process up to 4 Motor controller modules (16 axes).

Usually the Motor controller module “uIPC-1300MC” is installed in the Chassis of the Industrial PC together with the Base module of the Industrial PC “uIPC-1300B”. The CNC machine operated by MACH3 software or EMC2 software. On demand we can install the module in the separate closed case.

Not programmed Empty module of the Motor controller “uIPC-1300MCC” which allows to write the firmware independently is available for the order.

For control of discrete signals Programmable Logic Controller module “uIPC-1300PLC” is applied.


  • Position sensor type
    • optical linear scale
    • magnetic linear scale
    • rotary encoder
    • resolver
    • selsyn
    • inductosyn
  • DAC – 12 bit
  • Max input encoder frequency – to 150 KHz
  • Max input STEP / DIR frequency – up to 50 kHz
  • Quantity of axes on one module
  • For rotary encoder and linear encoder sensors – 4 pcs
  • For resolver, selsyn, inductosyn sensors – 3 pcs
  • The number of modules are not limited
  • Correction of parameters through RS232.


A relay alarm output on each axis