Programmable Logic controller module

Programmable Logic controller module

Product code: “uIPC-1300CIO”

Designed to control of the discrete Inputs and Outputs of the machine and to expand maximum quantity of the MACH 3 CNC signals.


  • Connection of proximity sensors
  • Emergency signals
  • Contactless sensors
  • Relay, actuators
  • Communication with the personal computer via RS232 (MODBUS) interface

The uIPC-1300CIO module consists of the main PCB and 1… 8 functional PCBs.

Functional PCBs

  • Board with 4 relay outputs “uIPC-1300CIO-REL”
  • Board with 4 opto-inputs “uIPC-1300CIO-OPT”
  • Board with 4 analog input signals 0-50 mA and ADC (10 bits) “uIPC-1300CIO-AD”
  • Board with 1 output PWM signal +- 10B “uIPC-1300CIO-PB” or 0… 10B “uIPC-1300CIO-PU” and PWM
  • Board of the high-speed counter of input impulses “uIPC-1300CIO-F”

In total main PCB allows to connect up to 28 signals (8 functional PCBs). For example you can order 2 functional boards with opto-inputs, 5 functional boards with the relay and 1 functional board with PWM + – 10V – summary 8 functional boards.

If you need more signals, you can add the next uIPC-1300CIO module. If in the chassis there is not enough space for installation of modules, you can order next industrial PC Chassis “uIPC-1300CH”.

Not programmed Empty module of  Programmable Logic Controller module “uIPC-1300CIOC” which allows to write the firmware is available for the order.

If you make a hobby CNC machine on stepper motors, you need the Stepper motor driver module “uIPC-1300DS”.


  • Quantity of signals – up to 28
  • Quantity of functional boards – up to 8
  • Interface – RS232
  • Protocol – MODBUS RTU or any other on request
  • Baud rate – up to 115200 kbaud
  • Correction of parameters through RS232


  • Development of the built-in functions for autonomous execution (automatic pulse oiling, the counter of high speed input impulses, etc.)
  • Development of additional non-standard functions