Stepper motor driver module

Stepper motor driver module

Product code: “uIPC-1300DS”

Designed for reception of STEP/DIR signals and control of stepper motors.


  • Reception up to 4 STEP/DIR channels
  • Control up to 4 stepper motors

This module contains up to 4 boards of stepper motor drivers up to 7.5A. He conveniently accommodates in the Industrial PC Chassis “uIPC-1300CH” and does not demand an occasional seat in an assembly case. This method the simplest at installation. You will not need to install drivers, to connect power to them, to solder sockets. Everything will be mounted in the Industrial PC.

The main advantage of the module – it can be repaired. The chip of Allegro and standard components (MOSFET’s, optrons, etc.) are installed in drivers. There are no any specialized processors.

Power unit module “uIPC-1300P” is designed to power supply of the Stepper motor driver module.

Empty module “uIPC-1300C”  is used to installation of non-standard devices in the chassis of the Industrial PC


  • Maximum current 2.5 – 7.5 A
  • Maximum supply voltage – 36V