Motor Controller

Programmable motor controller

Product code: “uDR – 1300S”

It is designed to control of stepper motor or servo motor rotation on the set distance or with the set speed without use of the computer or CNC controller.



  • 50 lines of the movement program
  • Start / reverse / Stop of motor rotation with an external discrete signal
  • Input of rotation parameters (speed, acceleration / braking, stop coordinates) on a digital display
  • Firmware correction for realization of non-standard algorithms (cyclic operations, a speed choice on an external signal, connection of the encoder position sensor for measurement of actual position of the motor, etc.)
  • Includes 3A stepper motor driver or additional driver for any power
  • syncronizing controllers to make complex movements

At the client request we are ready to change a motor controller firmware and to develop additional blocks for the solution of non-standard tasks.

Download Manual Motor controller uDR-1300S 


  • Quantity of axes  – Up to 32.
  • Display of 7 digits + sign
  • 3 input signals on an axis + 24B
  • 4 output relay signals on an axis
  • Quadrature Encoder  input
  • Power 24V


  • Selsyn, inductosyn, resolver input
  • an arm and bracket according to the customer drawings
  • RS-232 port for communication with the personal computer
  • panel mount, rack mount or desktop mount