PC Based CNC Control


PC Based CNC Control

We introduce a PC Based CNC Control system which includes all necessary components. Like famous industral CNC Control (e.g. SIEMENS) it has Operator control panel, Workstation, Motion Controller, PLC controller. Extra components ( Handheld pendant, remote control panel ) are also available.

The most difference is that you can use almost any CNC Control software which you want. Additional modules help to include controllers which necessary to work with selected software.

Areas of usage:

  • CNC machine tools retrofit
  • New CNC machines building
  • Special equipment with CNC Controls

Download Brochure PC Based CNC Systems V2 


  • Open architecture
  • Any Windows or Linux based CNC Control software
    • KMotion
    • MACH 3 / 4
    • UCCNC
    • Linux CNC
    • Planet CNC
    • WinCNC
    • Eding CNC
    • CNC-D
    • etc.
  • Control of old analog servo dives with +-10V input
  • Control servo drives and stepper drives with STEP / DIR
  • Up to 892 IO signals
  • Waterproof keyboard with 2 encoders for feed and speed correction
  • Waterfroof operator control panel with 40 buttons and MPG
  • Handheld pendant with MPG and 9 buttons
  • Workstation with removable modules
  • 1.8GHz 2GB RAM 8-32GB SSD HDD
  • Protected 10.1″ TFT display

All components are parts of our Industrial PC uIPC-1300xx. Read more…

You can purchase all-in-one PC based CNC Control or any component ( monitor, keyboard, operator panel etc.) which you need.

Some CNC software requires additional removable modules with special hardware. We designed them and if you purchase PC based CNC Control you’ll receive it with appropriate module for installing required PCBs. All software and appropriate hardware you can buy directly from those manufacturers and just mount them in our enclosure on prepared place.


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