KMotion CNC Software and Hardware

KMotionCNC is CNC program used as a graphical user interface to KFLOP-enabled machine tool. KMotionCNC has all of the basic functionality you need to run a machine of up to 6 axes, in addition to spindle control: jog buttons, tool setup features such as tool width compensation for up to 20 tools, pre-loaded tool types, trajectory planner parameter adjustments, user-defined M-Codes, G-Code capabilities, and a G-Code viewer. In addition, you can use geo-correction routines to drastically improve the accuracy of your system.

Besides writing your own software or using .NET compatible third-party software to tie into special libraries, you have the option to use a popular CNC application called Mach3 much as you would KMotionCNC.

KFLOP is a motion controller that takes over the real-time requirements of your system from the host computer by buffering data and running multiple simultaneous threads deterministically. Combined with software architecture that gives you easy access to low-level functions and the ability to create your own front-end GUIs to access our libraries directly or through the .NET interface, the KFLOP motion controller is a powerful solution to your motion control needs.

Kanalog is an expansion board for KFLOP that adds six types of powerful I/O – enough to control a complete system such as a mill or router, in many cases. Kanalog is popular expansion board for KFLOP.

To install KMotionCNC and KFLOP/KAnalog PCBs in our PC based CNC control you should order CNC kit exactly for KMotionCNC.

All additional information as well as purchasing options for KMotionCNC are available from Dynomotion website