Converter of encoder signals in tacho generator signals

Encoder Resolver to tacho converter

Product code: “uSC-1300E-T”

Designed for determination of rotation speed of an encoder and generate of speed feedback signals for drives.

  • Transformation of encoder signals to the signal in a form coinciding with a signal of the standard tacho generator
  • Up to 8 axes in the case.

The majority of old drives have analog type of speed feedback. As the tacho generator sensor of speed serves. If the tacho generator is faulty or is absent, it is possible to use signals of an encoder. When you connect an encoder to the converter,  if the encoder rotate quicker, the more voltage will be at the output. The maximum value + – 10B.

All converters are assembled in cases of our production. On demand we can make any case for your device.


  • The maximum impulse frequency – 150 kHz.
  • DAC resolution – 12 bits
  • Range of output voltage + – 10B
  • Power +5, +12 and – 12B