Inductosyn, selsyn, resolver to encoder converter

Resolver to encoder

Product code: “uSC-1300x-E”

Can transform signals from sensors

  • Resolver – “uSC-1300R-E”
  • Selsyn – “uSC-1300S-E”
  • Inductosyn – “uSC-1300I-E”

in signals which in a form are identical to signals of an encoder.

The converter is designed  for the situation when it is impossible to replace the position sensor on an encoder, and the new control system cannot digitize inductive sensors.

All converters are assembled in the cases of our production. On request we can make any case for your device.

Sometimes at repair of machines the Encoder to analog converter is necessary. “uSC-1300E-T”



  • Processing of signals from inductive sensors (resolver, selsyn, inductosyn)
  • Output of standard encoder signals
  • Additional functions on demand
  • The impulse quantity on one turn of the sensor (up to 2000)
  • Form of an output signal (A, / A, B, / B, Ref, / Ref)
  • Power +5, +12, – 12B
  • Frequency of sensors 400Hz, 2000Hz.
  • The maximum output frequency  – Up to 500kHz
  • Digitization type – “Phase mode”