BIMA 600 – The woodworking CNC machine with automatic tool changer



  • Dismantle of old CNC system “NUM”
  • Installation of new CNC System
  • Correction of a software  for performance of machine’s functions
  • Control on 6 coordinates simultaneously
  • 68 input signals
  • 34 output signals
  • Correction of subprogram library
  • Adaptation of the post-processor of the AlphaCAM program for formation of the operating programs for ChPU
  • Training of the personnel


Characteristics of object


  • Type: The woodworking CNC machine with ATC
  • Type of drives: analog with control + – 10B
  • Type of sensors: incremental encoder.
  • 1 main spindle. To 18000 rpm
  • Existence of special tools (a circular saw, the horizontal tool) which in the main spindle can be installed in any corner. Rotation – a separate axis with the drive + – 10B and an encoder
  • 12 additional spindles with the fixed tools. Moving independently each spindle in a working zone
  • 1 additional spindle with a horizontal arrangement of the tool
  • Magazine on 12 tools. Rotation of magazine – a separate axis with the drive + – 10B and an encoder
  • Moving of magazine in a zone of the tool change – a separate axis with the drive + – 10B and an encoder
  • 2 zones of vacuum tables with independent control of suckers
  • 2 groups of an independent emphasis for basing of details
  • 2 groups lifting a rail for installation of a detail
  • 2 operator consoles on the machine with buttons of the main functions


Retrofitting term: 2 months.

Beginning of the project: 06.2014

Termination of the project: 08.2014