Retrofit CNC on Woodworking multi-purpose CNC machine VAlberti



  • Dismantle of old CNC system
  • Installation of new CNC system
  • Correction of a software for performance of functions of the machine
  • Management at the same time on 4 coordinates
  • 43 input signals
  • 40 output signal
  • Completion of library of subprogrammes
  • Adaptation of AlphaCAM program post-processor for writing of the operating CNC programs
  • Training of the personnel


Characteristics of object


  • Type: The woodworking CNC center with automatic change of the tool
  • Type of drives: analog with control + – 10B
  • Type of sensors: incremental encoder.
  • 1 main spindle. To 18000 rpm
  • 24 additional spindles with the fixed tools. Moving independent each spindle in a working zone
  • 2 independent desktops. Everyone with the drive and an encoder.
  • 2 zones of vacuum tables with independent control of suckers
  • 2 groups of an independent emphasis for basing of details


Performance term: 1.5 month.


Beginning of the project: 05.2007

Termination of the project: 06.2007