Electronic product development and design

Electronic product development and design

Development, testing, production of the enclosures and front panels, technical support – all at one manufacturer.

Now very many companies and enthusiasts are engaged in development of various devices. It seems that it is not so difficult: bought the development board, learned a programming language – and the device is ready.

You can ask: “So why are you better?”. And I will answer: “To make the device is only the beginning!”.

1.   Drawing up specification.

In it all functions of future device are accurately specified. Without it there will not begin development any qualified specialist.

2.        Production of the prototype.

It will surely have some problems. It is fulfilled with the main functions and algorithm of work.

3.   Development of appearance.

Here also the most interesting begins! Usually all developers use standard cases and all devices are similar at each other. But we are not. Our production technology of cases for electronics  allows to make any case without expensive preparation. As a result you will have your own design.

This is our first advantage.

The design and appearance is 80% of success of the project. The main problem of all developers is their purely technical thinking. They can seldom develop the device which will have modern appearance and will be ergonomic. Our designers are ready to make unique design. Development of 3D model in SolidWORKs, design of stickers and front panels in CorelDRAW. We can do it! You will be able to see your device still before it is made.

This is our second advantage.

4.   Operation of the device

At operation of the device and surely it will be necessary to add additional functions. Where will you search for the person who was engaged in development a year ago? We work more than 17 years on this field and we will be engaged further. It is part of our life and the future. If you need to finish something, it is not a problem!

This is the third advantage.

Often communication with the computer and the computer program is necessary for operation of the electronic device. Developers of electronics it usually experts only in one area. But computer programming demands absolutely other knowledge. We can both that, and another. So you receive both hardware, and the software at one developer. And problems at coordination of work of separate components of system will be solved by ourselves.

This is the fourth advantage.

5.   Technical support and service.

If the program does not work properly, you contact us and we all solve the problem as we developed it.

Did something fuse? You contact us and we all fix it as we produced it.

Was your case broken? You contact us and all of us solve it as we did it and developed.

You need new design? You contact us and we do it.

All in one place. All quickly and precisely that is necessary for you.

This is the  fifth advantage.

I hope, I have convinced you.

Send a request right now, and you will be happy with a result.

When developing electronic devices development of the software is often necessary for the personal computer. We are also engaged in these works.

Some clients address to us for development of electronic devices which are part of complex equipment with various mechanical elements.

Ours designers and mechanics can execute development of machines and mechanisms, and also to make them.