Replacement of drivers, motors and sensors

We can change the AC servo motor drivers, DC servo motor drivers and stepper motor drivers, linear position sensors and rotary position sensors,  and all types of motors.

CNC Systems of our production can work with old types of drives. The control of these drives is made by an analog signal + – 10B. With using our Motor controller module “uIPC-1300MC” you can operate these drives from the MACH 3 software and similar.

But sometimes the drive, sensors and motors demand replacement since they are not work properly. In this case we offer some options:

  • Stepper motors and drivers
  • Servo motors and drivers
  • Optical linear scales
  • Magnetic linear scales
  • Rotary encoder

In more detail you can learn about these goods in the section Products link.

Some machines have no CNC system, but demand installation of the Digital readout device “uDR-1300”link . We are able to do it.